Online Learning Positive Attitude

21 Aug

Personally being an online student and a member of an online team is something new for me because I have only worked in teams where I had only face to face contact. I believe that familiarizing yourself with online devices such as Elluminate and Desire 2 Learn is only one component for success.  After reading the resource materials about how to be a successful as an online student and as a member of an online team, I learned that it is crucial in having a positive outlook because it benefits the student and the group when accomplishing a goal. Also it important in having self-discipline and being accountable with a positive attitude for your team as noted in Dr.  Ken Haycock and Instructor Enid Irwin lecture. Because I strongly believe that a positive outlook and a being responsible will only contribute to the online team’s growth as a whole and accomplish their goals!

Something interesting that I read is the importance readiness for a student entering the online environment. My answer to being an online student is yes of course! I love challenges and being computer literate. It is also fundamental for an online student to have a positive attitude and self-discipline! For example even if you have a calendar and school folder on your computer desktop keep in mind that motivation is vital. It is significant to have a positive outlook to collaborate your ideas with your team members. A student who demonstrates self-discipline will do his or her best to contribute their time to completing assignments that are listed on their calendar. It is efficient to be organized, but if a person does not have a positive demeanor they will not contribute to their team members in order to finish an assignment.

Moreover, an online team should have “ground rules” as stated by Dr. Haycock in his lecture because it helps distribute the responsibilities among team members. Also it is a good resource to use for setting goals for the group when starting an assignment. I strongly believe that having a foundation and a goal is best because it prevents confusion for the students within their team. For instance, I remember being in a group that didn’t have any set rules and it was a horrific experience. I was half into the semester and none of my group members had any progress done for our assignment. We finally set rules on how to approach the assignment three weeks before it was due. I remember it took me about two weeks to get all the information that I need for the assignment. It was a learning experience and the last time I worked in a group without a set of rules.

Also it is vital to have a positive outlook for your online team as noted by Instructor Enid Irwin in his lecture. He states that a “Go Team” attitude is essential to avoid fear because it only hinders the group.  Honestly, I remember being afraid of participating in a group during my junior high school years. Fear didn’t help me nor did it help my group understand how to finish our assignment. A “Go Team” attitude is so imperative because you support your team members and gain experience! Case in point Instructor Irwin states that experience in learning how to work in a team will benefit not only the group, but it will help the team members learn how to apply this skill for their jobs.

In conclusion, it is crucial to be responsible, self-discipline, and have a positive outlook. Fear should never control your reasons not to ask questions, so it is your responsibility get informed and finish an assignment.  Also self-discipline is vital to start your assignment and keep track with your progress in case you need to submit feed back during a group discussion.  In addition, a positive outlook for your online studies is significant because your team needs your help. Remember you’re working jointly as a team where all in it together!


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